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How do I begin if I want a website, and what is your design process?

In order to maximize the time of your web site designer and reduce costs, supply as much information as possible.

The following is a checklist:

bullet Decide what information you want on the web. bullet How many pages are intended?
bullet Organize your ideas into main topics or website links. bullet Decide what type of website you like. (ex. corporate, fun, informational, ecommerce, etc.)
bullet What links are intended? (About Us, Our Services, etc) bullet Would you like a photo gallery? If so how many photos etc. will be included?
bullet Who is your competition? bullet Do you have corporate colors already or colors you like or dislike?
bullet Do you need hosting services? bullet Layout ideas- Have you seen anything that impressed you or that you disliked?
bullet Do you need a domain name? bullet Do you have a web site you can use as reference? If so please send the URL address.
bullet Would you like E-commerce? bullet What are your goals for the website?
bullet Do you have a logo? bullet Who are you targeting and what do you want them to know immedietly on your site?
bullet What is your timeline for the project? bullet Provide as much information about you as possible.
bullet Any examples of websites similar to what you’re looking for your design? bullet Do you have a total estimated budget for the project?


Once I have all of your information I then begin mockups of what your site can look like. Once you have chosen a look and feel for your site I then move onto the sub pages of your site. You are in constant communication with me during the whole process as your new website comes together. You can even view the progress of it with a special link that will be provided to you.

Who will maintain and update my site?

Internet-savvy businesses keep the content on their Web sites fresh, and redesign their sites at regular intervals. Why? It takes only a byte or two of dated information for users to think they’ve come to a dead or an orphaned site. Contact Viscusi Design to learn more about hourly and contract rates for site maintenance and updates.

Can I use images from other sites?

Photos or graphics from other sites are often copywrited. Unless it specifically states the images are free to use its safe to assume you cannot use them. If you do not have your own images to work with I can provide many creative legal images we can work with.

How long will it take to have my website created?

Each website varies in size, content, and desired features. What usually takes the longest is gathering the necessary information. Once I have the material I need it goes quickly. Most sites are up within three to five weeks.

How do I get a domain name or hosting package?

There are many online companies that offer hosting packages and domain name purchasing. If you choose to do it on your own you would simply provide me with that information once we get started. If you need help setting it up and choosing a package and name that is right for you I would be happy to do that for you. I can present you with options that best fit your needs after we discuss your project specs.

I’ve seen web site templates for sale at prices as low as $50. Will I save money by buying a template instead of hiring a designer?

There are many templates available out there. But they are generic and do not offer you the valuable approach a custom site does for your company. You can spot templates a mile a way. Do you want your solid professional company to appear as if you only had the time and money for a template? Your choice between buying a site template or building a unique site needs to be made with the understanding that other businesses, perhaps even your competitors, may also be using that template. Remember, too, that after buying a template, you will still need to add text and images, create links, and otherwise complete your site. If you don’t know anything about web design that means again money out of the pocket. Custom design can be affordable and maximize your money with a website that really showcases your company.

Can we work together effectively across long distances?

Definitely! I regularly work with customers throughout the country exchanging information and files via e-mail, FTP and fax. I am in constant contact throughout the entire process through phone, email, or fax.

I need a logo designed what do I need to provide you with and what is your process?

If you are looking to have a logo designed the more information you provide about you or your company the easier it will be to design a logo tailored to your specific needs.

The following is a checklist:

Who is my target audience?
What type of logo do I want? (ex. corporate, fun, etc.)
Do I have certain colors in mind?
Tell me about your company so I understand what it represents to your public.
Do you have examples you like that you can show me?

Once I have all of your information I then begin comps of what your logo can look like. You then give me feedback and the logo is revised to better meet your needs. Once you have chosen the logo you would like I then send you both web and print versions of it.


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