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About Me
My design offers comprehensive creative design solutions, backed by more than 14 years of industry experience. I design and develop visual communication concepts and consistently bring both your ideas and goals together to build your brand.

I am committed to providing high quality industry-specific design services even under the tightest budgets and deadlines. My goal is to communicate my clients' ideas into high-impact visual communication and technology solutions. Critical aspects of my work include my unique creative approach, innovative design, personal attention and my desire to provide the highest client satisfaction. Every job is a new challenge for me to design something unique, optimal and intriguing for your targeted audience.

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My Process
Before I begin any project, I focus on understanding my clients' goals so we can develop the most original, functional and cost effective solutions.

My approach to designing visual communication is by following my basic project guidelines:
Introduction Introduction:
I work closely with each client to define the projects guidelines, to identify the targeted audience and to tailor the solution to a specific industry.
Research Research:
I gather all available data from the client, the internet, and other sources to become familiar with the company's business/products, range of services and competition. 
Concept Development Concept Development:
In this phase, I design mockups of the site which includes:  

bullet Interface/ Navigation 
bullet Look and Feel 
bullet Content Specifications
bullet Layout 
bullet Functionality

I implement and present the mockup ideas to the clients for review and feedback.
Production Production:
After sign off on the mockup concept, I initialize full development of the site. Graphic design and HTML implementation of major functional elements takes place during this phase. 
Testing/Quality Assurance Testing/Quality Assurance:
I test the web site on all platforms and common browsers, and if necessary, make minor changes. 
Launch/Delivery Launch/Delivery:
Lastly, I transfer the web site to the client's server, test it and launch.
After Launch After Launch/Maintenance:
I provide complete support to my clients including site updates/maintenance and any other required needs. Custom service plans are available. 
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